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Social Security Claiming Guide

Deciding How and When to Claim

Your Social Security Benefits

Is NOT a One-Size-Fits-All Decision!

Never before has making an informed decision about how and when to start collecting your Social Security benefits been more crucial to your financial success in retirement. In fact, making the wrong decision when you claim your benefits could cost you upwards of $100,000 or more over your lifetime!


Here at Vital! The Magazine for Active Older Adults® we understand this. Every month our magazine brings you the information you need to stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. And we think this information is SO important, we want to give you a FREE copy of The Social Security Claiming Guide to introduce you to the strategies you absolutely MUST consider as you make your personal Social Security benefits claiming decision.


Think about this: Conventional wisdom tells us to take Social Security benefits as soon as we possibly can. And every year, that uninformed choice costs thousands of individuals and couples tens of thousands of dollars, or more!


We want to save you from making that same uninformed decision. To get your FREE copy of The Social Security Claiming Guide simply fill out the fields below and your Guide will be on its way!


Vital! The Magazine for Active Older Adults ® brings you the information you need to stay healthy, wealthy and wise during the best years of your lifeSubscribe now to get Vital! emailed to you each month absolutely FREE!






I’m 68 and my husband is 66.  We were both decent earners during our careers. A couple months ago my husband was getting ready to retire. Even though we didn’t need all the income, our financial advisor told us to “go ahead and both claim your Social Security benefits at the same time.” We’d heard about the personalized Social Security benefits claiming report in Vital! Magazine and were curious to see if we could do better.  After reading the Social Security Claiming Guide and then ordering our own personalized report, we decided to take the “free money” for two years.  My husband “filed and suspended” and I filed on his record.  I’m now receiving $1350 a month on his record and both of our records will continue to grow 8% per year until we reach age 70.  And best of all, I just looked at our checking account balance and Social Security paid me six month’s worth of “back pay”!  With this big payment, we now can do some of the things we’ve wanted to do for years!  Thank you Vital! Magazine and Social Security Choices for sharing this information and helping us through this process.  Because of you, we will be living a better life for years to come!  

 --Karen P.