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ZeroG Supports Every Step of Your Rehab

Rehab patients all want the same thing: to recover quickly and return home. One of the best ways to reduce your length of stay is considered to be early ambulation; that is, getting out of bed and moving sooner rather than later. Moving is instrumental in regaining joint and muscle strength as well as improving balance. In fact, studies of people who have had knee or hip surgery show that early ambulation can reduce your length of stay by a day or more.

Assistive devices are often used in gait training, and are commonly used to help people who have had surgery or an injury to their back or legs, as well as people who have balance or strength impairments. One of the most advanced devices, the ZeroG Gait and Balance Training System, is designed to speed recovery by enabling individuals to practice walking, balancing, sit-to-stand maneuvers, and even stairs both safely and independently.

ZeroG is a robotic, body-weight support system mounted to a motorized trolley that rides along an overhead track. The system supports a patient’s body weight while monitoring their movements. This allows them to begin rehabilitation therapy in a safe, controlled environment that protects them from falls. It also helps patients “graduate” and go home more quickly.

If you are recovering from a stroke, orthopedic injury or surgery, brain injury, or if you have a balance disorder or general weakness, you can safely undergo therapy, perform balancing exercises and practice a variety of daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and getting up from a chair or the floor without the fear of falling. As your therapy progresses and you are able to bear more of your own body weight, the amount of dynamic support from the ZeroG can be decreased, giving you more confidence to proceed to the next level.

ZeroG features real-time biofeedback for balance activities combined with interactive games that make therapy fun and motivating. Therapists can monitor your progress with the data that the ZeroG records from each training session, helping you move toward recovery at the perfect pace.

ZeroG has helped individuals, both young and old, regain their strength and independence, enabling them to live fuller and more active lives.

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